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  • From Miracle Ear

    Is there a cost for an examination?

    Your test is Free. An initial examination takes about 45 minutes. Please call ahead to schedule an appointment. Please bring your spouse or family member as we want to answer all your questions.

  • From Keith McNeill Plumbing

    What can I do about sewer line blockage?

    The main culprit is tree roots, and once they’ve blocked the line, there is very little you can do. A plumbing professional can snake the line to get it as clear as possible, and then use copper sulfide products to kill the remaining vegetation. But odds are the sewer line will most likely need to be replaced.

  • From Esposito Garden Center

    Can you suggest some flowers that that I can plant now to survive the Summer heat?

    Good heat tolerant flowers include Begonias, Blue Daze, Globe Amaranth, Impatiens, Lantana, Melampodium, Pentas, Portulaca, and Vinca.

  • From Body Builders Paint & Body

    Who chooses where I am to have my vehicle repaired, me or my insurance company?

    Florida law give you total control over the decision as to where you will have repairs made to your vehicle. Insurance companies may recommend their favorites, but the final decision is yours.

  • From Scottsdale Academy

    How can I help my preschool aged child with early writing skills?

    Manipulating play dough and similar activities help build the tiny muscles in preschoolers hands. It is one of many activities that help our earliest learners with their early writing skills.