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  • From Shapiro Law Firm

    When should I speak to the insurance company for the at fault driver?

    If you are contacted by the at fault driver's insurance company, advise them immediately that you have hired a personal injury attorney and will have your attorney contact them to discuss your injury claim. Kindly ask the insurance representative to provide you with a contact number and a claim number so your attorney can promptly return their call.

    Never give the insurance company for the at fault driver a recorded statement. Simply put, do not speak to the insurance company for the at fault driver until such time as you have had the opportunity to speak with a personal injury attorney.

  • From Esposito Garden Center

    My daylilies have dying leaves with raised orange and brown spots on them. What can I do to prevent this from happening?

    You likely have Daylily Rust (Puccinia hemerocallidis) a new disease that will require removing and destroying infected leaves and spraying the new leaves that come out. We suggest spraying the new leaves that emerge on a 7 to 14 day schedule with two separate fungicides. Start by spraying with Ferti-lome Broad Spectrum Fungicide (Daconil) then the next time that you spray use Ferti-lome Systemic Liquid Fungicide (Banner). This spray schedule should be kept up until the leaves mature and anytime that there is new growth on your Daylilies.

  • From Keith McNeill Plumbing

    What should I do to take care of my faucets and sinks?

    Even small drips can waste thousands of gallons of water, as much as 150 gallons a day! Be sure to check under sinks for moisture or small leaks. And always repair leaky faucets right away to avoid paying for wasted water, and also to avoid water damage to your fixtures and pipes. Remove and clean your faucet aerators annually to ensure an even flow of water. Make sure overflow holes on tubs and vanity are clear and open to prevent water damage to floors and ceilings.

  • From The Sleep Gallery

    What should I look for when purchasing a new mattress?

    The two most important factors to consider when buying a new mattress are comfort and support. It’s important to consider the comfort needs of both you and your partner. The right mattress will not only be comfortable but will keep your spine in proper alignment, which is how your spine is when it’s in a good standing posture.

  • From Fiorini Chiropractic Center, P.A.

    What kind of education and training do doctors of chiropractic have?

    Before entering Chiropractic college, one must complete, at a minimum, a 2 year pre-professional study with many chiropractic colleges and universities requiring a 4 year undergraduate basic science degree. Chiropractors receive a post-graduate education that includes evaluation and care for the entire body with special emphasis on neuromusculo-skeletal diagnosis and treatment. Preparation for the practice of chiropractic is concentrated on three areas of learning; basic training in the biological and health sciences (anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, biomechanics, clinical and radiological diagnosis); specialized training in the chiropractic discipline (theoretical studies, practice, specific technique, diagnosis and applications); and extensive clinical and practical training with patients.