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Alpha Foundation Specialists

Alpha Foundation Specialists is a full service foundation repair company that was established in North Florida in 2002.

We are Florida's premier foundation repair company providing affordable foundation piering systems, crawl space repair, crawl space moisture remediation and waterproofing, as well as lifting and leveling sunken concrete. We offer solutions for your residential, commercial or industrial projects.

We have serviced hundreds of residential and commercial foundations issues in new and repair applications. We strive to provide the highest quality products and service at the lowest possible price. At Alpha Foundation Specialists, both the customer and licensed technical support are part of the solution.

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- Foundation Repair

- Commercial Foundation Repair

- Crawl Space Repair

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- Rick Malphurs - Foundation Inspector

- Joshua Griffin - Foundation Inspector

- Chris Hornbaker - Foundation Inspector

- Trey Sumner - Foundation Inspector

- Eric Zegle - Foundation Inspector


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Give us call for at 1-800-714-3020 for a FREE, no-obligation quote on all foundation repair and crawl space estimate. Or click here to submit your request via our website.

For more information, visit our Facebook page or our YouTube channel.

  • From Awards4U

    What other special services do you offer?

    Fulfillment Services
    Want to establish a recurring recognition program but don't want to store a lot of products? We offer complete fulfillment services as part of our extensive customer support program. We can maintain your inventory of gifts, awards, promotional products, etc. and have them personalized and shipped to your offices or event in plenty of time for presentation. As an additional commitment to you, we can also insert your cards or letters with each package so your winner is sure to get your message of congratulations. Contact Sam Varn for more details!

    Custom Design Services
    Unlike many smaller awards companies, we maintain a complete art department as one of the most important parts of our customer service. Using our creative resources, we can design and execute an award that will be unique to your organization. You can see some of our work in the Custom Awards section of this site. Let us turn your concepts into reality! Contact us today!

  • From Keith McNeill Plumbing

    What's the best way to extend the life of my garbage disposal?

    Always use plenty of cold water when running your disposal, and avoid overloading it. Never dispose of very hard items like bones or corn husks. And never use a caustic drain opener. You can extend the life of your hands by never using them to remove items dropped inside – use tongs instead!

  • From Esposito Garden Center

    Can I start a Centipedegrass lawn from seed now?

    April is a good time to start a Centipedegrass lawn from seed. Centipede seed is very tiny and should be mixed with a dry carrier such as Milorganite to help in spreading it. Good site preparation is essential. Centipede should be planted on bare soft soil in full sun, and should be lightly covered. Keep the seedbed moist (not soggy) and mow the weeds that emerge to prevent them from shading out the emerging seedlings. Centipedegrass is slow to establish from seed but requires minimal initial investment. One pound can be stretched to cover 4,000 square feet but you will get a lawn quicker by sowing the seed thicker.

  • From Awards4U

    How can I establish an open credit account with Awards4U?

    Please contact us via e-mail, snail mail, or telephone and we can send you a credit application. Our accounting staff will be available to help you in any way necessary.

  • From Keith McNeill Plumbing

    What's the best way to check for toilet leaks?

    Toilet leaks can be wasteful and expensive. At least once a year, check your toilet for leaks by adding a small amount of red food coloring to the tank, and then check the toilet bowl later. If the toilet bowl water is colored red, water is seeping through from the tank. If it is leaking, you should replace the ballcock and flapper.