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Keith McNeill Plumbing

Keith McNeill Plumbing Cont., Inc., incorporated in 1979, is a family owned plumbing company. Our track record of maintaining a family environment, employee friendliness and employee compensation ensures that we maintain the most experienced and skilled plumbers in the Tallahassee area. All of our employees are drug tested, background-checked and fully insured.

  • From Body Builders Paint & Body

    Will my paint match?

    That will depend on the age of the paint that is on the vehicle before the damage. In some cases, substantially older paint already on the vehicle may look a little different than new paint. A solution is to paint the entire vehicle. Check with your insurance company to see if they will participate in the painting of the non-damaged part of your car or truck.

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  • From Esposito Garden Center

    When should I prune back my hybrid tea roses hard?

    Late January and early February are ideal times to give them their first pruning of the year. Remove all dead canes, broken wood, diseased canes and small skinny canes. Also remove any canes growing toward the center of the bush to keep the center open. Save only 4 of 5 of the strongest canes and cut them back at about knee height. Make the cuts at a 45 degree angle about one quarter of an inch above outward facing buds. Be sure to use sharp clippers and to dip the blades in alcohol between cuts.

  • From Esposito Garden Center

    How late in the Summer can we prune Azaleas without losing some of next Spring's blooms?

    You can prune back your Azaleas up to early July without loss of future blooms. We suggest July 4th for a convenient date to remember to serve as the last day for pruning Azaleas. Remove strong growing erratic shoots several inches below the outer level of the shrub so that the new growth will not quickly out grow the limits that you would like to set. We suggest using lopping shears with a by-pass cutting action to provide sharp clean cuts.

  • From Esposito Garden Center

    How can we control Whiteflies on our Gardenias, Satsuma, Ligustrum and Sweet Viburnum safely?

    We suggest spraying the undersides of the leaves with Sunspray Ultra-fine Oil. This will smother immature Whiteflies instead of poisoning them. Repeat the spraying at 3 week intervals until control is achieved. This oil is safe to use all year long.