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  • From Fiorini Chiropractic Center, P.A.

    Does Chiropractic hurt?

    Typical chiropractic adjustments do not hurt. The patient may experience a minor amount of discomfort during the adjustment which lasts only seconds in an effort to correct misalignments and / or "fixations" in the spine that are causing pain or other symptoms and may have been present for years. Any discomfort you may have following your first few adjustments can be compared to the soreness you have after a hard workout at the gym.

  • From Awards4U

    What other special services do you offer?

    Fulfillment Services
    Want to establish a recurring recognition program but don't want to store a lot of products? We offer complete fulfillment services as part of our extensive customer support program. We can maintain your inventory of gifts, awards, promotional products, etc. and have them personalized and shipped to your offices or event in plenty of time for presentation. As an additional commitment to you, we can also insert your cards or letters with each package so your winner is sure to get your message of congratulations. Contact Sam Varn for more details!

    Custom Design Services
    Unlike many smaller awards companies, we maintain a complete art department as one of the most important parts of our customer service. Using our creative resources, we can design and execute an award that will be unique to your organization. You can see some of our work in the Custom Awards section of this site. Let us turn your concepts into reality! Contact us today!

  • From Miracle Ear

    What is the most common hearing loss?

    Sensorineural loss is the most common. It is often caused by prolonged exposure to loud noise and the inevitable aging process. This loss is often greatly improved with hearing aid amplification.

  • From Scottsdale Academy

    How will I know which childcare center/preschool is right for my family?

    Ask around. Do research online. Most importantly go visit. Once you have decided what type of care works best for your family’s needs (in-home, faith-based, large daycare facilities, child development centers/preschools), choose several you want to see first hand. There are many good checklists that can be referenced online, including a list of quality indicators at www.scottsdaleacademy.com, to assist in your research.

    Two basic elements of a site-visit that tell volumes:

    1. Look to see if the children are happy as well as the staff.
    2. What does the atmosphere feel like?
    Most importantly go with your instinct.

  • From Esposito Garden Center

    What is causing my St. Augustine grass lawn to yellow and die in patches that are in the sun on good well drained soil?

    The problem is likely from the feeding activity of Chinch Bugs. Chinch Bugs are very small insects that you are not likely to see without closely inspecting the grass. Dig up a section of the declining grass and shake it hard over a sheet of newspaper. If Chinch Bugs are present you should be able to see them rapidly move about on the paper. You can also bring us a sample of your lawn for inspection. To control Chinch Bugs we suggest spraying with Acephate 75 and spreading Turf Ranger granules 2 weeks later.