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Miracle Ear

Signs of hearing loss are unique to everyone but most people share common symptoms.

  • Do you hear portions of words or part of the sentence?

  • Do you request others to repeat themselves frequently?

  • Do you turn up the TV to levels that annoy others?

  • Do you have difficulty hearing clearly in noisy environments?

  • Is it hard for you to fully understand phone conversations?

Hearing loss can be slow and subtle. It can impact your personal relationships, social interaction, and your confidence. Untreated hearing loss may lead to depression and isolation. Over 36 million Americans experience some measurable hearing loss. This includes one out of four over the age of 55.

  • From Keith McNeill Plumbing

    How can I prevent clogged drains?

    Do not rinse fats or cooking oils down the kitchen sink. Liquid fats solidify in the cold pipes and create clogs. To help prevent clogs, fit all your tubs and shower drains with a strainer that catches hair and soap chips, and clean the strainer regularly.

  • From Awards4U

    Do you have any showrooms?

    Yes, our home offices and showrooms are located in Tallahassee, Florida.
    Their addresses are:

    1387 E. Lafayette Street
    Tallahassee, FL 32301

    1419 Market Street
    Tallahassee, FL 32312

    Showroom hours for both locations are:
    Monday-Friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

  • From The Sleep Gallery

    What should I look for when purchasing a new mattress?

    The two most important factors to consider when buying a new mattress are comfort and support. It’s important to consider the comfort needs of both you and your partner. The right mattress will not only be comfortable but will keep your spine in proper alignment, which is how your spine is when it’s in a good standing posture.

  • From Esposito Garden Center

    We have black insects with orange-red stripes across their backs flying out of our lawn when we mow. Should we be concerned about them or are they harmless?

    The insect that you have described is called the Spittlebug because immature Spittlebugs cover themselves with a mass of frothy foam. They are often found in Centipedegrass lawns. Every lawn has a few of them. When their population gets too high their feeding activity can cause the grass blades to develop a yellow-white streak, purple-red discoloration and browning. If you have a Spittlebug infestation they should be controlled. We can sell you efective chemical controls that you can apply yourself or make arrangements for our Spray division to treat your lawn for these pests. Click here to see a video on Spittlebugs.

  • From The Sleep Gallery

    Do I need a new boxspring?

    Box springs are made to work in conjunction with your mattress and chances are if your mattress is bad so are your box springs. A bad box spring will wear your mattress out quicker so buy them together to get the most out of your investment